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Extending Our Influence

For more than 75 years, Plan International has dedicated itself to improving the lives of children. But we can’t do it alone. Civil society and those with a duty of care must also take responsibility for upholding children’s rights.

We believe in the power of connections to advance children’s rights, sharing our knowledge, experiences and resources. We are using our experience and expertise to influence decision-makers at national, regional and international levels in order to protect and strengthen children and young people’s rights.

Our areas of focus in influencing others is on education and protection, in particular:

  • Changing the policies and practices of local and national government and global organisations
  • Encouraging parents and communities to take action and change behaviour
  • Encouraging donors to invest more

This focus is backed up by investments in training staff, especially skilled communications and advocacy specialists.

Strategy in action

  • Following intensive advocacy at the UN in Geneva and New York – led by Plan International – the first ever resolutions on child marriage were adopted by the United Nations Human Rights Council and General Assembly in the autumn 2013.
  • Plan International has been at the forefront of global advocacy to ensure the rights and needs of children relating to birth registration and understood and included in the civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS) plans of governments and UN agencies.