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Expanding Successful Programmes

Everything we do is deeply rooted in our knowledge of local contexts, based on our 75 years of making positive change to children’s lives. We design our programmes based on this experience and knowledge, as well as our research and learning.

Where successful projects and programmes are making a long-lasting difference, we look for opportunities to adapt and replicate good practices to benefit children in even more locations.

Through our One Plan One Goal strategy, we are doing this locally, regionally and globally, sharing and building on our successes, and encouraging other agencies and institutions to learn from them.

Strategy in action 

  • Our 18+ programme in Southern Africa [LINK IF RELEVANT INFO AVAILABLE] has been designed to make a difference to the lives of adolescent girls by tackling the issue at all possible levels. It is a holistic programme that looks at harmful gender norms and practices, and facilitates policy changes. The programme is based on intelligence from previous successful projects, including the Stop Child Marriage project in Bangladesh.
  • Our Community-Led Total Sanitation programme [LINK IF RELEVANT INFO AVAILABLE], an innovative and low-cost approach to sanitation, began in Bangladesh in 1999. The programme uses child participation to change hygiene practices and behaviours, concentrating on the community as a whole rather than on individuals. Children and adults decide together how they will create a clean and hygienic environment that benefits everyone. Following its success, it has transferred to other countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.
  • In Kenya and Pakistan, we are using mobile technologies to deliver Digital Birth Registration (DBR) projects [POSS LINK TO COUNT EVERY CHILD]. We are working closely with governments, UN partners and the private sector in these countries, and are assessing the readiness of other countries in Africa and Asia to use the same digital birth registration tools. Plan International is widely regarded as the global expert in innovative approaches for birth registration.