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European Year for Development 2015

Raising Plan International's voice and profile as a global development actor

What is the European Year for Development 2015?

The EU plays an important role in driving international development – not only though its financial support but also its policies.

Yet while 85% of EU citizens believe that it is important to help people in developing countries, less than half know where EU development aid goes.

The European Year for Development 2015 (EYD2015) aims to change this.

The year-long campaign aims to:

  • Inform EU citizens about the results that the EU has achieved as a global actor;
  • Foster direct involvement, critical thinking and active interest of EU citizens and stakeholders in development cooperation; and
  • Raise awareness of the benefits of the EU’s development cooperation, as well as to foster among citizens in Europe and developing countries a sense of joint responsibility, solidarity and opportunity in a changing and increasingly interdependent world.

Find out more on the official #EYD2015 website.

What is Plan doing for EYD2015?

The European Commission is Plan’s main institutional donors, and we are currently implementing 49 EC-funded projects across Africa, Asia and the Americas.

We will therefore engage in thematic EYD2015 months of most relevance to Plan’s work around the world:

  • June: Sustainable Green Growth, Decent Jobs and Businesses
  • July: Children and youth
  • November: Sustainable Development and Climate Change

June: Sustainable Green Growth, Decent Jobs and Businesses

Throughout June, we will demonstrate the catalytic effect that empowering young people economically has on poverty reduction worldwide.

Ensuring all young people, including the most marginalised and disadvantaged, can unlock their potential through access to decent work will drive progress towards sustainable, inclusive development.

Yet today, some 500 million young people in the developing world are un- or under-employed. The situation is particularly difficult for women and girls, who face even greater challenges in securing productive employment than their male counterparts.

Tackling youth unemployment is therefore one of the most pressing global challenges we face today, not least owing to the repercussions of high levels of unemployment on societies.

Youth economic empowerment is one of Plan’s global priorities, with over 40 of our country offices implementing projects focusing on this issue, and throughout June we will share case studies and stories, op-eds from Plan experts, and interviews with our partners highlighting our work and recommendations. 

July: Children and Youth

Plan’s vision is of a world in which all children realise their full potential in societies that respect people’s rights and dignity. Promoting and protecting children’s rights, including in the EU’s external policy and practice, is therefore Plan’s priority.

During a dedicated social media week in July, we will put the spotlight on the following themes:

  • Gender Equality
  • Child protection
  • Education
  • Youth economic empowerment
  • Disasters
  • Governance
  • Universal Birth Registration

Using the hashtag #OurEYD2015, we will engage young people in the discussion, sharing their views and reflections on issues including their role in decision-making, why education matters, and what needs to change to make sure girls and boys are treated equally.

November: Sustainable development and Climate Change

Throughout November, we will focus on the role and place of girls in the Sustainable Development Goals, set to be adopted in September. A photographic exhibition, “Goals for Girls post-2015: Win, lose or draw?” will illustrate how each of the goals – from education to climate change, safe cities and economic empowerment – apply to girls and young women, and their role in monitoring the implementation of the goals.