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European Week of Action for Girls 2014

GirlPower: From the shadows to centre stage

GirlPower: From the shadows to centre stage

The fourth annual European Week of Action for Girls will take place from 06-10 October 2014, timed to coincide with the International Day of the Girl Child on 11 October.

This week of policy, media, campaigning and youth events will draw attention to the impact of social norms on girls and women in all the various settings, especially towards their economic empowerment.

 “GirlPower: from the shadows to centre stage”

Social norms and deeply rooted cultural beliefs often hamper girls’ ability to realise their rights and their access to education, health care, jobs and skills training. Girls’ fight to achieve equality with their male brethren faces challenges at almost every turn: within the social institutions around them in which negative norms, attitudes and behaviours towards girls are reproduced throughout the family and community; in the legal, political and public institutions of the state; and in economic institutions and the workplace.

Working  to bring about transformative change at the socio-cultural level, where gender inequality is at its most potent, is crucial to addressing discrimination and achieving girls’ and women’s human rights.

The European Week of Action for Girls is organised by Plan EU Office under the patronage of the European Parliament and in partnership with the United Nations, and supported by partner civil society organisations. It will explore theory and practice to tackle the root causes of female discrimination.

It will bring into the discussion what policymakers and donors can and should do to identify and support policies and promising initiatives that prompt positive social transformation, empowering girls both socially and economically on the road to a brighter future.

A number of events will take place throughout the week with specific recommendations to the EU on how to ensure girls are centre stage in EU policy and programming.