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Youth economic empowerment in Indonesia

Plan International in Indonesia has implemented a youth economic empowerment programme in Rembang district which has benefitted 1,235 young people. Training is available for young people aged 18 to 24 regardless of their background. In addition to technical, vocational and educational training, the programme also implements micro-enterprise development training to help young people start their own businesses. To date, 70 people have started their own businesses as a result of the programme. Anis is one of the young people who benefited from the project.

Anis’ story

Anis comes from a small village in Indonesia. It takes her long hours in trucks and buses to reach the closest city. She comes from a poor family, and due to a lack of resources, she had no choice but to drop out of school before she even started high school.  Anis was very sad not to be able to go to school anymore, and felt like a burden to her family. Luckily, Anis had a loving aunt, Juwari, who always supported her and could not accept that she quit her education. She convinced Anis to work as a housekeeper for her grandmother in order to save money for the school fees. And so Anis started working in order to make enough money to start school again soon.

One year later Anis was able to continue her education where she left it: her aunt had helped her to register in a vocational school where she could learn useful skills. Anis was finally taking control of her future again and she was happier than ever. Sadly, during her second year at the vocational school, Anis’s aunt Juwary passed away. This tragedy left Anis depressed and discouraged. She had lost the most supportive person in her life, and her best motivation. Anis’ parents finally convinced her to work harder than ever, because it would make her aunt proud.

It was shortly after this that Anis learned about Plan International's youth economic empowerment project coming to her school. The project, funded by the European Commission and implemented by Plan International Indonesia helped youth in the area get valuable jobs and learn how to create business opportunities for themselves. Highly interested by the opportunities this project could offer, Anis applied to be a part of it and was included in the programme. 

I want to open my own accessory shop!

Shortly after finishing the programme, Anis started applying to jobs, with help from Plan International. While she was afraid of spending months searching for employment, she was immediately hired in one of the biggest electronics shops of the city as a customer service executive. She now earns enough to be independent as well as to help her parents. On top of that, she started saving money every month with a clear goal in mind: 'I want to open my own accessory shop!", she says determinedly. 


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