Portrait photo of Annalisa Demarch, Communications and Campaigns Assistant at the Plan International EU Office.

Annalisa Demarch

Communications and Campaigns Assistant

Annalisa joined Plan International EU in May 2022 as Communications and Campaigns Assistant.

Within her role, she works with Petros, Communications and Campaigns Coordinator, as well as the rest of the influencing team in creating engaging communication and campaigns activities and in bringing the work, success stories and learnings of Plan International to the public and to EU decision-makers.

Annalisa holds a BA in Media Studies and Politics from the University of Groningen with a minor in International Relations from the University of Warsaw. During her studies, she researched the power of political communication and the consequence of media framing on public perception and policy making. Over the past year she has specialised in communications, journalism and content production for human rights by working in Europe as well as in the Global South. She has become passionate about humanitarian action and development thanks to an internship in an NGO in Thailand, at the Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development, and while volunteering for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Ecuador. Now, she is looking forward to contributing to the work of Plan International EU and to discover more about Brussels!

E: annalisa.demarch@plan-international.org.

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