Portrait photo of Cherukéi Wobo, Policy and Advocacy Assistant at Plan International EU Office.

Cherukéi Wobo

Policy and Advocacy Officer

After joining the team of Plan International EU as Policy and Advocacy Assistant, Cherukéi is now Policy and Advocacy Officer. Part of the Influencing team, she is responsible for supporting advocacy work within the framework of Plan International’s global campaign on girls’ rights and leadership, the organisation of key events and activities, and the monitoring of EU policy updates. Cherukéi is passionate about (international) social developments and is specifically interested in the topics of conflict studies, international security, humanitarianism and human rights.

Cherukéi holds a MSc in Conflict Resolution and Governance from the University of Amsterdam, and an LLM in Law and Politics of International Security and BSc in Politics Science from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. She has previously worked for non-profit organizations related to education, human rights and diversity. With her multi-disciplinary educational background, Cherukéi hopes to contribute to Plan International, and also build on top of her own personal knowledge and skillset. Plus, with the move from Amsterdam to Brussels, she is looking forward to discovering the city and further developing her French language skills!

E: cherukei.wobo@plan-international.org

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