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"I can make my child happy"

I can make my child “the happiest one”
Azeb with her daughter, Sofia

Plan International Ethiopia is using its expertise to improve children’s start in life, working on both early childhood care and development, and on supporting quality primary education. Our skilled teams focus on major child development interventions that include parenting, the provision of home-based play, quality early childhood care at our dedicated centres, and children’s transition to primary school, improving the early-age stimulation of children aged two to three years. We are also forming partnerships with key influencers to ensure the continuing evolution of the current national Early Childhood Care and Education policy.

Azeb, 24, who has a four year-old daughter, says: “Sometimes I was annoyed by my child Sofi’s frequent questions and attention-seeking. I could not send her to kindergarten as they are located far away and they are meant for rich families. So quitting my small business, and spending much time to take Sofi to kindergarten was a luxury for me.”

The launch of Early Childhood Care and Development programme funded by Plan International Ethiopia has benefitted Azeb and her child. Sofia has started attending a community-managed early learning centre. 

Through the programme, Azeb and other parents are trained and equipped with parenting skills on how to raise their children, how to produce toys and stimulating materials from locally-available resources, and how to keep their children healthy through attending parental training and parents’ group discussions.  

“I did not have the knowledge and capacity to make my daughter a happy child before I have started participating in parenting discussion,” says Azeb.

“I thought I could make her happy only through buying her toys, and I believe only rich families can provide that. The parenting training and discussion has totally changed my attitude. I have mae plenty of toys!”

Sofi has become more active after she started attending her class at the centre, and in the afternoons she enjoys playing with the materials her mother has produced for her.

“I also spend good time with her. She asks everything. I’m very delighted to see her as the happiest child,” says Azeb.