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Safe ride - Tackling Gender Norms and Preventing Sexual Harassment on Public Transport

Safe Ride

Executive Summary


The first section of this document includes guidance on what social and gender norms are and how they operate in the transport sector.

This is followed by a brief checklist of key aspects to take into account when developing a gender norm change strategy to address sexual harassment on public transport.

The third section highlights the importance of developing key messages on addressing sexual harassment on public transport, while the last section compiles examples of activities that aim to tackle gender norms around sexual harassment in the transport sector.

Some of the activities are based on previous experiences of the country offices, while others have been implemented by different organisations working to tackle gender norms on public transport. For each activity, an overview has been developed that can be used by the teams to add more information based on their experiences and contextual needs. Each activity overview includes the aims and objectives, key components, target group(s), tips for the facilitator/things to take into account and links to other resources.