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Engaging with Civil Socieity

What do we do?

By working in partnership with other organisations, we achieve the greatest possible change for children. We are committed to actively working with a range of formal and informal groups, organisations and networks, from community level youth groups, to national NGOs, to international organisations and businesses.

How do we do it?

In most countries, many other civil society organisations are also working on the issues we are working on. We can achieve more by working with them. They may have specialist local knowledge, credibility and relationships that complement ours. Together, we have a stronger voice when we lobby and advocate for change. 

We partner with local organisations in the countries where we work, learning from them and empowering them to help build their capacity. This means that they can realise the rights of local communities for years to come, by engaging with governments, business, and other local institutions, making a longer lasting impact.

We are committed to two-way, respectful partnerships, and encourage local organisations to be led by the people they represent to best meet their needs.

Who do we partner with?


Community-based organisations, including local groups of girls, boys, women or men. 

We help people form groups in order to meet their needs and represent their interests. Groups can help people build up their confidence, skills and voice. We help them realise the rights of girls and boys. We encourage them to join together with other organisations, to achieve more together. We help strengthen these organisations. 

Local and national NGOs and civil society organisations 

We partner with them to realise children’s rights, in ways that make sense in the local context. We help them strengthen communities and influence behaviours and attitudes as well as policies, laws and budgets. We help them become stronger, independent organisations, representing local communities. We help them network with each other, to share learning and build up their influence. 
Government institutions at central and local levelsGovernments are obliged to uphold children’s rights and deliver key services, so we partner with them to provide public services that are important for children, and help them strengthen long-term. We help strengthen their long term capacities. We help them to work better with marginalised people and meet their needs. We encourage them to improve policies and laws for all children, and to allocate budgets accordingly.  

International NGOs, development institutions, and universities at national, regional, and international level 

We partner with them to pursue our goals together. We collaborate on researching better ways of fulfilling children’s rights and improving the quality of our work. We join together to encourage all organisations and governments to do more for children. 
National and international companiesWe partner with them to ensure their core activities benefit and do not harm children, either today or in the future. We provide them with opportunities to invest their corporate social resources in initiatives that have a positive impact on children.  


CCCD in action 

Our support to local Savings Groups has helped many people across the globe to save their money and improve their income – to date we have supported almost 1.3 million group members worldwide. Plan International supports the groups for an initial period, providing them with training and skills to run independently, and inspire others to establish their own groups.

The programmes support community members to mobilise and manage their own funds, promoting empowerment and community participation. Programmes include traditionally excluded members of society: women, youth and ethnic minorities, for example, have especially benefitted from Savings Groups.

Vietnam Women collecting money from villagers
Women collecting money from villagers