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Healthy start in El Salvador

Ensuring the best start for all children, particularly the most vulnerable

A key priority of our work in El Salvador is to ensure that young children are able to claim their rights to early childhood services, especially those who are socially excluded.

We are supporting the comprehensive care of 7,160 young children up to the age of seven, and have pioneered an information system that can monitor their physical and social development. More than 147,000 adults and children are being supported to access medicines and health supplies and ensuring timely treatment for health issues or chronic diseases.

We have also worked hard to support the inclusion of children with disabilities. Thousands of children can now access safe spaces in 16 schools in Panchimalco, and we have trained teachers on how to adapt curricula for children with disabilities.

Our skilled staff  are also working in close partnership with the World Food Programme to support  families to get the right information about the nutritional value of foods, as well as how to prepare  nutritious and affordable food in their communities. Together, we are transforming lives.