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Child Protection in El Salvador

Protecting all children from all forms of violence and gender-based violence

Violence and gender-based violence are serious issues in El Salvador. We are using our valuable experience in communities in the country, and the trust we have in the communities, to contribute to its reduction.

We are leading the conversation on violence and gender-based violence at a national level, embracing partnerships with government bodies, the media and other partners to bring about constitutional change and increase awareness across the country.

We are also engaging with communities to promote the issue of strengthening the leadership and violence-prevention skills of girls and adolescents, working shoulder to shoulder with communities to bring about long lasting, positive change in children’s lives in El Salvador.

Children and young people are encouraged to attend ‘Because I am a Girl’ workshops to learn about their rights and promote gender equality amongst their peers. Thousands of young people have benefited from education sessions and other workshops on rights issues such as preventing sexual harassment.