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Child Protection in Ecuador

Enabling children and young people to protect themselves and participate in decision making

Seven out of ten children and adolescents in Ecuador say that they suffer some kind of violence at home if they misbehave, and at school, three out of every ten young and adolescent girls attending school are mistreated by their teacher.

Plan International Ecuador is committed to ensuring that all children under the age of 18 are protected from all forms of violence, particularly empowering children themselves to know their rights and thus be able to stand up to abuse.

We work closely with communities to organise a multitude of events and workshops, enabling parents, teachers, care givers and children to access training on child protection and gender issues. In addition, some 116 communities where we work now have Community Protection Mechanisms in place, and all have dealt with cases of violence, whether this has been gender-based, physical, sexual or psychological or down to negligence. Within these groups there are 728 volunteers, half of whom also actively promote the participation of children and adolescents to build a positive future for children’s lives in Ecuador.