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Economic security policy and advocacy

We believe that creating long-term economic change for children involves working with others to advocate for change at the local, national and global level.

We are making significant progress in achieving this in our work. At the national level, we are raising awareness of economic security, facilitating better access to state-funded entitlements and building strategic alliances with governments. For instance, in Indonesia, this has led to the adoption of our Youth Economic Empowerment (YEE) programme into the national Employment Action Plan. At the local level, a district government has replicated the YEE programme and allocated the equivalent of €27,000 towards it.

Globally, we are forming solid alliances to drive economic change. For instance, we are working as a founding partner with the World Bank and Accenture on Solutions for Youth Employment (S4YE), a unique partnership between governments, the private sector and civil society, to support more young people to engage in productive work.

Our aim is to support 150 million young people to have better access to education, employment or training. This, we believe, will create valuable opportunities to connect with and influence key stakeholders to help us drive and support more deep-rooted and long-term changes for young people in the future.