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Early Childhood Care and Development in Cambodia

Plan International Cambodia and partners support community based preschools and parent groups to provide positive early stimulation, effective care and support to learning of boys and girls aged 0-5 years.

Children are playing during their break time.
Children are playing during their break time in Ratanak Kiri.

The programme engages government’s grassroots governance structure, commune councils, to integrate water, sanitation and hygiene, nutrition and protection in its interventions. It also applies disability screening approach and multilingual early childhood education, and disability inclusive early childhood education models to ensure equal opportunities for the excluded group.

Since 2004 Plan International Cambodia and partners have supported the construction of over 340 community preschools, including the mobile ones. More than 80% of the preschools are equipped with clean water and sanitation systems and 10% involves parents to cook nutritious breakfast for the students. Almost 400 volunteer preschool teachers have been trained to run the classes. The programme has formulated some 4,620 parent groups and identified core parents promote effective child rearing among their 23,100 parent member. The organization has built the awareness on the importance of early stimulation and learning among some 150 commune councillors to support and sustain the intervention.

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