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A Dream Coming True

Omnia has become self-employed through her engagement in our socio-economic empowerment Tamkeen

Omnia Maarouf is a 29 year old woman. She is a Business Administration graduate.

Previously, Omnia has been employed as a security camera supervisor, and a legal secretary. Yet, her dream has always been to have her own enterprise for creating jewelry and handcrafts.

Doing what she loves

Omnia eventually managed to start her income-generating activity for producing and selling handmade accessories. While this marked the first step of achieving her dream, not being able to market her products properly denied her the opportunity of generating large profit.

“I had relied on my friends marketing products for me. Yet, at a point in time I needed to increase the prices and I could not speak to my customers about it which put me in a tight spot financially.”

socio-economic project Tamkeen
Youth receive computer course as part of Tamkeen socio-economic project

Acquiring needed skills

While surfing Facebook, Omnia came across our youth-economic empowerment project Tamkeen/Empowerment. Interested in marketing course, Omnia decided to enroll to Tamkeen.

“After my participation in the Tamkeen project I removed the price that had been previously on the products and whenever I showcase my projects at a bazaar I am able to sell my products to any potential customer.”

“The project impacted my personality as well. I am now able to speak proper English. I can now speak in front of anyone and properly express myself.  I have become more confident and feel capable of talking to and dealing with anyone,” says Omnia.

The project impacted my personality as well.I can now speak in front of anyone and properly express myself

“Before joining the project, my voice was low and I did not like dealing with people and preferred to work by myself. After joining Tamkeen, I am now able to discuss my ideas and designs with my friends and ask for their input to improve my products. This is very different from before when I was not open to constructive criticism, but now, I am very open to it, which is something I have learned from the Tamkeen’s project coordinators as they treat me as a sibling and give me feedback with my best interest in mind,"

Inspiring others

socio-economic project Tamkeen
Equipping youth with computer skills and skills

 “I am currently attending the workshops as a success story to encourage current participants and I am trying to convince my friends to apply so they too can benefit.”

About Tamkeen

socio-economic project Tamkeen
Life skills training as part of Tamkeen project

Tamkeen is a 2- year project that aims to socially and economically empower young people in Egypt. The project targets improve youth access to professional training and employment opportunities. It also seeks to build the capacities of key public and private stakeholders at local, regional and national levels on inclusion, gender equality and rights of the persons with disabilities to reduce discriminations in Egypt.

Tamkeen will directly benefit around 2000 young women and men.

Learn more about our Economic Empowerment programme