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A young promise for the construction of Peace


Peace is built between everyone, from the homes, schools, communities, work, or in a public space; Yudis Mosquera understands that well, she is a young woman, 22, originally from Chigorodó Antioquia, who dreams of a better country. In order to achieve this change and be proactive, Yudis allied herself with the project “Youth and women contributing towards peace,” a project from PLAN where she and other young women meet in order to contribute their ideas, participate in collective initiatives and together support this process.  

Motivated by her own experience, she already had to flee her city of origin when she was a little girl, and due to a great will for change, Yudis linked herself with PLAN a year ago and was one of chosen ones to participate in this project which deals with the potentiation of women’s abilities in the consolidation of peace through trainings and activities for them to become leaders in their communities and multipliers of these actions.

Now in Quibdó, her city of adoption, in the Villa España neighbourhood where the majority of its inhabitants are in a displacement situation, Yudis is determined to be a constructor of peace and dreams of studying Children Pedagogy to potentiate gender equality and leadership among boys and girls that way improving living conditions in her community. “Yes, it can be done and we can make a difference in this change in society,” she expressed with optimism. 

PLAN yudis

For her everything is possible if you work towards achieving your goals and feels happy with the personal changes she has achieved. “Before I was very shy, speaking in front of an audience panicked me but with the help of the trainings I receive from PLAN I have potentiated my leadership I am very happy because I have improved my oral expression and the way I interact with my community.” 

Yudis wants to keep on fighting to achieve her objectives and feels that her life project is becoming more and more clear. “I think this experience is very good; thanks to PLAN I was able to participate in the Youth Summit in Buenaventura where I learned a lot in order to keep contributing to the peace process in my neighbourhood,” she concluded.