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Closing ceremony of the School Remedial Course in the district of Ancahuasi, Cusco

Plan International, together with the District Municipality of Ancahuasi in Cusco, carried out the closing ceremony of the 2016 School Remedial Course and Vacation Recreation Program.

Boys and girls were grateful for all the things they had learnt.

The ceremony, led by the District Mayor, gathered more than 400 boys and girls from different communities who participated in the school remedial course, the socio-emotional skills course, and the vacation recreation program (including acting classes, dance, painting, soccer, and volleyball).

Boys and girls were grateful for all the things they had learnt. Eduardo (12) from the community of Chaquillccasa said: “Thanks to this project I am not afraid to speak up anymore. I had never performed in front of so many people before. At the beginning I was afraid but I took the courage to perform in front of all. Thank you Plan International and thank you to all the people who support these kind of courses. You have no idea how much they help us”.

Nelly (12) from the community of Kataniray also commented on her experience: “The teachers that Plan International brought were all very good. They were experts. Teachers in my school had never taught us like that. During my vacation, all teachers were very nice and kind when teaching us. I had dance and acting classes. I hope Plan International continues to provide these courses and never leaves”. 

Nelly (12) from the community of Kataniray.