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Child protection

For all children and young people to realize their rights to protection from abuse, neglect, exploitation, and violence

Much media attention has been given in China to child abuse cases, raising awareness amongst government departments and the public, and this awareness is especially high regarding the issue of sexual abuse against vulnerable boys and girls in schools, communities and other settings. 

Plan International China works to ensure that all children are safe and protected from all forms of violence. Firstly, we work with communities and establish an effective Child Protection Mechanism in community and schools, and we provide children and their families at risk of violence or suffered from violence with early prevention, early intervention and referral service. Secondly, we improve parenting by developing positive discipline, so as to create safe family environment by promoting their capacity for non-violence discipline. Thirdly, we encourage children to participate in self-protection activities to raise their awareness on self-protection and to promote their capacity for protecting themselves. We also focus on children’s psychological resilience and expand the peers’ impact. In addition, we campaign for the improvement of legislation and service for child protection and improve the existing resource for child protection to ensure that children have access to high quality service.