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Families providing care and protection

Families and caregivers are a key safety net for children. By supporting and prioritising them, we can help ensure they are in a stronger position to create and maintain a positive family environment, and play a critical role in the holistic development of children.

We research and develop practical approaches to promoting positive family relationships and care-giving, focusing particular on the early years and child neglect. This includes exploring and promoting alternatives to violence within families and supporting caregivers to be more resilient in emergency situations.

We work with families and caregivers as active participants in positive parenting and to develop a better understanding of the causes and effects of violence against children, including harmful practices. This forms a foundation on which to develop their commitment to tackling violence against children in families.

We also work closely with civil society, state partners and organisations to support vulnerable families to develop strategies to avoid acts of child violence such as abuse, neglect and exploitation. We support them to identify, prevent and respond to incidences of violence in their homes and families, and strengthen them to care for and protect their children in the early years.

Case Study: Parenting groups and closed groups to reduce domestic violence, Cambodia

When cases of domestic violence are reported and confirmed, the Family Protection Network (CBCPMs supported by Plan International Cambodia) ask parents to participate in parenting groups or in closed groups. The closed groups have a clear goal of preventing further domestic violence and helping families to live together without disputes. The closed groups are very successful in stopping domestic abuse and alcohol abuse.

A family in Cambodia
A family in Cambodia.