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Protección de la Niñez en estado de emergencia

Perú faces one of the strongest climatological phenomena in recent years. There has been reported 72,115 injured thus far.

Lima, Perú March 20th, 2017. – Plan International, an independent organization that works for the promotion of children’s right and girls equality for 22 years in Perú, invokes the population and authorities of the zones affected by floods to stay alert to prevent any kind of violence, and respond abuse, neglect, exploitation, and violence against girls, boys, and adolescents.

“The disasters could produce different types of feelings in girls, boys, and adolescents, such as fear, loss, pain, anger, intolerance, and trauma that can affect their self esteem and normal development as many of them have lost their homes, including family members. They are not the only ones that are being psychologically affected, adults are also facing situations of depression, stress, and crisis that leads them to build diverse forms and expressions of violence or disgust that boys, girls, and adolescents are exposed to,” explained Oscar Calero, Child Protection Specialist for the NGO Plan International.

“In these circumstances, the first response on the part of the government and civil society is providing material assistance. However, due to the consequences that leave these situations, the population is affected psychologically and is in need of professional help that permits them to face the tragedy they are living in and of which they have been victims, and of the changes that it produces in their daily lives, that gives them the opportunity to be able to process it, recover, and return to their normal life.”

“It is fundamental that overall education is secure in emergency situations, which implies the return of boy and girl students in the classroom and/or implementation of alternative models that favor the continuation of classes in formal and non-formal spaces.”

The organization recommends that the parents of families and authorities remain alert to reject any kind of violation of children’s rights:  Be alert in places where girls and boys are found playing to avoid accidents. To avoid debris, mud, or stagnant water. To protect girls and boys from contaminated water, mosquitoes and solar radiation to prevent diseases.

Report cases where a person has made improper touching of boys, girls, or adolescents to the commissioner of the district or locality.

About Plan International Perú

With more than 80 years of experience, Plan International is one of the most well-known international organizations for the promotion of children’s rights. Since 2017, Plan International has taken actions so that 100 millions of girls learn, lead, decide, and thrive at a global level.

In Perú, Plan International started their activities in 1994, and in that time they have contributed to help improve the lives of more than half a million people. Currently, they collaborate with 180 communities in situations of extreme poverty and exclusion of Piura, Lima and Cusco.

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