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Fatherhood: A case of positive parenting

We are running fathers only parenting sessions for men to meet and discuss issues affecting their children so they can become better parents.

Fathers can play a key role in the growth and development of their children. That is why we are encouraging them to play an active role in parenting.

As part of our community-led action for children approach, we run fathers only parenting sessions where men meet to discuss issues affecting their children and those affecting them as male caregivers so they can become better parents. We also provide home visits to reach out to fathers individually to encourage them in their roles as fathers and role models. 

Fathers and the children participating in the Father-child fun day

This came as a result of the realisation that out of 33 functional parenting groups in Kisumu with a combined membership of 1,775 people, only 381 were male caregivers (21.4%). 

Father-Child day Out

I am very inspired.

As part of the project we run father-children days to promote positive parenting among men. During the events, fathers and their children play games and take part in activities together.

“I am very inspired, my son has been speaking about the event to his mother over and over again," said Bonface Nyawara (one of the fathers who participated). "Everybody in the house is very happy. The siblings who were unable to attend are looking forward to the next fun day.”   

Fathers playing with their children during the Father-Child day out

Key role of men

Currently, there are 4 clubs made up of 82 fathers who come together to share experiences, skills and experiences on a monthly basis. 

They also spread awareness about the important role of fathers in their communities and encourage other men to join their clubs. Most importantly the fathers work together to develop play and learning materials for pupils in local pre-schools.

Fathers crafting play and learning materials for children to use in in school