Meet the Global Young Influencers!

Learn about our approach to co-creating campaigns with young people and meet the Global Young Influencers.

In today’s world, amidst environmental and social crises and political shifts, the importance of placing youth at the forefront of advocacy and campaigning cannot be overstated. Across the globe, young activists are bringing fresh perspectives, innovative solutions, and an unyielding drive for change that is essential for social movements to remain relevant and adequately address complex global challenges.

Plan International, through initiatives like the Global Young Influencer Group, is committed to ensuring that young voices are not just heard but are central to the decision-making processes that shape their futures.

The Global Youth Influencer Group brings together 30 experienced activists from diverse backgrounds, deeply committed to girls’ rights and gender equality. The group boasts a rich diversity of identities, interests, and languages, and its members are connected to local, national, and regional youth networks.

Through co-creation of global strategies and youth-led action at a local level the group is helping us ensure that our campaigning efforts are relevant for the communities we work for.  

The influencers are campaigning with us for:

“A future where everyone can thrive, and voices are heard, where rights are protected and where a good future for women and children is not only a dream but a reality.”

Sophia, 18, Philippines

They want to help create a world…

“where every dream is nurtured, every ambition encouraged, and every opportunity accessible, paving the path to a world where equality reigns.” 

Rahinatu, Ghana

Are you with them?

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