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Health in Cameroon

Boys and girls gaining sustainable access to health, water and sanitation services

Plan International Cameroon actively connects children, communities and partners to promote access to clean water, hygiene and sanitation facilities. We support communities to access clean water and good hygiene and sanitation conditions through the community-led total sanitation (CLTS) approach, and by expanding the knowledge and capacity of water management committees.

We are also working shoulder to shoulder with village men’s and women’s clubs to promote good maternal health, antenatal testing and HIV checks. In order to promote sexual and reproductive health, we are working in partnership with the UN and the Cameroonian government to equip community workers with key skills to promote the use of modern family planning and contraception use in communities.

We also support the Ministry of Public Health in four regions during mass vaccination campaigns, where outreach and mobile clinics ensure that all children have access to healthcare. In 2014, 179,168 under five children were vaccinated; 303,456 received drugs against intestinal worms and 287,138 received vitamin A supplements. Children including the marginalised Baka tribe were also vaccinated against poliomyelitis, which causes serious physical disabilities.