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Ensuring an education through a Village Saving and Loans project

Plan International Cameroon introduced a Village Savings and Loans project in the north west region of the country in 2013. The scheme ensures members have the skills and facilities to save and borrow money and importantly it enables members to afford essential costs like their children's school fees.

Our long standing relationships with communities and expert staff know that many families depend exclusively on the fathers’ income, which is often insufficient to meet the family needs. Jafarou is 11 years old and lives in Ngoketunjia. In the past, the families reliance on his Dad's income as a farmer meant he frequently missed school because they couldn't pay the school fees. ‘I miss classes very often and I am always among the last pupils to be registered for exams,” Jafarou said.

Our project gives the opportunity for women like Jafarou mother, Ansiatou to save, borrow and participate in a low cost social insurance package. Ansiatou has been able to save money regularly and also take loans to pay for her children’s education and health care.

Village savings and loans group meeting
Village savings and loans group meeting

Jafarou said: “During the term that just ended, I did very well in my examinations. I was the 4th in a class of 24 pupils. This academic year, my mother paid our school fees on time and she has equally registered me for the Common Entrance and First School Leaving Certificate examinations.”

Jafarou’s mother has been encouraged to start a small scale business with the loan she gets from her savings group so as to able to support her husband and also provide for her children’s education.