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Improving Primary Education in Cambodia

Plan International Cambodia is committed to ensuring all children, especially the most vulnerable and marginalised ones, enjoy their right to have access to child-friendly schools and services and that they are adequately prepared for an effective transition to the adolescent stage. We also work to ensure children are able to participate at different levels in matters affecting their own development.

Objective 1: Improving access to education

Enhance access to education for vulnerable and marginalised children to ensure their participation, achievement and transitions in learning through system and community-based approaches.

Objective 2: Improving the quality of teaching

Build on the quality teaching and learning experiences through building capacity of service providers in child-friendly and rights-based approaches to education and advocating on learning achievement and quality standards to education managers and ministry staff

Objective 3: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene and Health in Schools

Expand the access to a quality learning environment through strengthening school health and water/sanitation facilities, mobilising local resources and promoting health/hygiene attitude and behaviour change at all levels.

Objective 4: Ensuring children are free from violence and harm

Ensure an enabling and empowering learning environment and the protection of children from all forms of violence and harm in their schools by building capacity of children, parents, carers and service providers, and strengthening the education system and services.

Objective 5: Promoting children’s participation

Enable and empower children and communities to participate in school governance and education management in inclusive and democratic spaces holding duty-bearers accountable at all levels.

Objective 6: Strengthening disaster resilience

Strengthen disaster resilience in schools to better withstand the impact of disaster and climate change on children’s right to education by strengthening skills and strategies and sharing best practice through local and national networks.

Objective 7: Household Economic Security

Strengthen household economic security of poor and vulnerable households through sustainable integrated agriculture/farming practices, non-farmland based income generation and increased access of diversified financial services especially to women.

Increasing Primary Education Networking and Advocacy

Plan Cambodia engages in networking and advocacy efforts which target all of the above objectives, focusing largely on improving the awareness of child rights and aiming to help children realise their full potential.