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Water and sanitation in Burkina Faso

Improving children’s long-term access to quality safe drinking water, hygiene, sanitation and health services

One of our key priorities in Burkina Faso is to improve the survival of children under 5. An important way of achieving this is by ensuring children are able to drink clean and safe water and that they have adequate sanitation. It is also critical that communities know how to reduce preventable diseases such as malaria.

Our work includes ensuring communities have adequate access to information and health facilities. This helps to reinforce favourable attitudes and behaviours towards health, hygiene and sanitation. For instance, we help ensure that women enrolled in savings and loans groups learn about issues such as malaria management and how to improve health amongst youths, mothers and new born babies.

In the past year, 125,740 people, which included 31,200 women and 75,444 children, benefitted from 12,574 family latrines, built in partnership with the EU. We are also installing boreholes equipped with pumps and latrines in schools and villages.