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Education in Burkina Faso

Improving access to quality basic education, in particular for girls and the most marginalised

We are a leading NGO in Burkina Faso, using our expertise in education to connect children – in particular girls – to quality, basic education, with forward-looking projects. This encompasses improvements to their education as well as to how schools are governed.

For instance, we provide young women with bicycles so they can attend school, scholarship schemes to access secondary school and prorgammes to help them progress into teaching careers.

Last year, over 1,000 teachers and 42,000 students in the areas where we work were made aware of the negative consequences of violence in schools. We promoted non-violent discipline in the classroom and used posters to raise awareness of how to maintain a safe school enviroment.  

An important aspect of our work is empowering communities to recognise the importance of education for children, why young girls should remain in school and the rights of disabled children to receive an education, both at national level and in our programme areas.