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Child Protection and Participation in Burkina Faso

Committed to improving child rights in Burkina Faso

Protecting children, and ensuring their right to be protected, is one of the key priorities of our work in Burkina Faso. Our expertise is geared at ending child marriage, female genital mutilation/cuttings, sexual abuse, trafficking and the worst forms of child labour, in everyday and emergency situations.

We work with children, young people, governments and civil society organisations to prevent, identify and respond to the most common forms of violence against children. This involves ensuring children participate in these processes and establishing or supporting decision-making groups such as communal child protection units, communal child development councils and school governance groups.

We also emphasise children's socio-economic development, for example supporting our sponsored children to receive vocational traing, supporting girls who are forced into early marriages to integrate economically, and providing equipment for sewing, weaving, cleaning, and vegetable production among others.