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Building Disaster Resilience through Arts

The arts particularly drawing and painting have been effective outlet of feelings and lucrative source of additional income for some.


The Build Up Project, the urban disaster risk reduction project of Plan International Philippines, which focuses on building the capacity of children, youth and their communities to be resilient against the adverse impacts of disasters explored on training its youth beneficiaries on various painting techniques and eventually apply what they have learned through mural paintings. 

“This was my first time to paint a mural. I was wanting to do this for a long time so I can improve my skills and express my feelings,” said Jhon Matthew, 18, from a barangay in Valenzuela.

“My painting was inspired by the other youth like me,” he added.

The art skills workshops targeted to improve the drawing and painting skills of the participants which they could use to beef up their portfolio. The workshops also allowed the youth to meet new friends who have the same interest and talent as they have.

“I want to continue drawing and practice more. I hope also to get more trainings from experts,” said Jeffrey, 25, from a barangay in Quezon City.

Jeffrey has started drawing when he was in 3rd year high school. He said his inspiration in doing his art works is the joy it gives to the people who see his works. He also hopes his works also inspire other youth to continue drawing.

To apply the techniques which have been learned by the participants from the Build Up art skills workshops, the youth in Quezon City have painted the walls of their Mushroom Cultivation Center while the participants from Valenzuela painted the walls near the North Luzon Expressway.

“I can use this skill while I’m still waiting for a job. For the meantime, while I’m also helping in the mushroom cultivation center to sell mushrooms, I can use this skill,” said Alexander, 21, from Quezon City.

“I hope I can use this skill to help my parents in the future,” he added. Alexander shared that he was not really good in drawing but have practice through the years to improve his techniques.

The Build Up Project is now in the second year of its second phase funded by the Australian Aid. It covers selected barangays in Quezon City and Valenzuela City.