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Healthy start in Brazil

Improving children’s access to quality education through community awareness and violence prevention

Our work in Brazil is focused on improving the early childhood years of girls and boys, ensuring they grow up in a nurturing environment that enhances their physical, cognitive and psychosocial development.

We have connected 3,500 newborns to six year old with education centres and community spaces that encourage them to play without being subjected to discrimination, prejudice or inequality. We use our expertise in this area to support parents and carers to gain the skills they need to address maternal and child mortality and to promote inclusive, healthy and participative learning environments. Our community projects emphasise children's rights from early childhood and encourage young people to participate in conversations about gender and ethnic equality in the communities where they live.

We also engage government bodies in the areas where we work to expand their plans for early childhood and education. Adolescents are also offered friendly counselling services around reproductive and sexual health, empowering girls and boys to make informed decisions about their futures.