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Football scores wins for girls

When Sara, 16, was selected to join Plan International Brazil’s Girls’ Football Project, her life changed dramatically.

According to her mother, Sara used to be a shy and quiet girl. She didn't know how to play football, but this didn't stop her mother supporting her to join our Girls Football Project and tackling her initial fears of joining the group.  

“I didn’t know how to play anything, but I’ve made progress,” says Sara.

“My brother used to criticise me, saying football wasn't for girls, but now he calls me and teaches me how to play.”

Life-skills and football

Sara's mother is delighted that her daughter has joined the project, and sees a positive change in her. Besides learning how to play football, she has also developed a wealth of other skills. As part of our global 'Because I am a Girl' campaign, the project includes workshops on rights, gender, citizenship, ethnicity and sexual and reproductive health. These have all helped Sara feel more confident about discussing these issues with others and claiming her rights.


Building girls' confidence through sport

One of the great successes of the Girls Football Project is that it gives girls like Sara the confidence to take on a number of additional activities. For instance, Sara is now part of her local church where she leads arts and crafts activities and she is hosting her own programme on a local radio station.

“I hope to soon get funding for my programme from three new sponsors " says Sara. "This means I will soon gain an income."

The Girls Football Project has helped Sara pursue her dreams and achieve her goals, and even inspired her to work with an organisation like Plan International in the future. “When I graduate in Business Administration and get a job, I want to invest in projects with serious organisations like Plan International, which help many families and communities like mine,” says Sara.

Sara is a member of Plan's Girls’ Football Project
Sara is a member of Plan's Girls’ Football Project