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Healthy start in Bolivia

Enabling children to benefit from a healthy start in life through quality nutrition, health services and primary education

Given that children's rights in their early years is a low government priority, we have joined with partners to focus our support on early childhood integrated development in Bolivia, as well as quality healthcare and safe drinking water for young children.

Our ‘Active Communities for Healthy Mothers and Children in Bolivia’ programme works in 26 high-risk areas of Bolivia to promote maternal and child health, nutrition, food security, children’s psycho-social development, water and sanitation and risk reduction.

We are also using our skilled staff and partners to establish birth-registration facilities in health centres, and working with communities to develop strategies to improve their nutritional health, with a focus on breastfeeding and more nutritious food for children.

We work to ensure communities have easier access to food in six of Bolivia's high-risk municipalities. This has significantly improved children's nutrition in these areas. We are also connecting children and their communities to child friendly spaces where they can benefit from psychosocial support and care during emergency situations.