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Tamsin Tara, 13, now lives in Coz's Bazar having fled violence in Myanmar

Rohingya crisis: why we must listen to girls

30 August 2018

Now that a year has passed since the start of the Rohingya crisis, we must look at the long-term needs of girls whose lives have been affected. And the only way to do this is by listening to girls themselves.

  • Country Director, Plan International Bangladesh
    Orla Murphy
    Country Director, Plan International Bangladesh
Rubi managed to avoid early marriage because of her birth certificate

Let's make every child count with innovation in birth registration

23 August 2017

Innovation is essential to the pursuit of universal birth registration, and could be the key to ending harmful traditional practices such as child marriage, blogs Melissa Cederqvist, Innovation Consultant. 

  • Melissa Cederqvist
    Melissa Cederqvist
    Innovation Consultant
Shamin represents Bangladesh at the 5th Asian Youth Forum in Japan.

Youth Engagement for Prosperity in Bangladesh

10 May 2017

Shamim from Bangladesh recently attended the 5th Asian Youth Forum in Yokohama, Japan. By supporting the development of young people, he says, we will be in a better position to bring growth and prosperity. 

  • Shamim
    Plan International Youth Advocate
Sharina* being decorated with flowers and henna

Marriage loophole threatens girls' futures

1 March 2017

Girls' futures are being put at risk in Bangladesh due to an unclear loophole in the Child Marriage Restraint Act, says Country Director Soumya Guha. 

  • Acting Country Director for Bangladesh, Soumya Guha
    Soumya Guha
    Country Director, Plan International Bangladesh
Over half of girls will marry before 18 in Bangladesh

How we stopped 2,000 child marriages in Bangladesh

17 November 2016

Progress in Bangladesh shows we can only eradicate child marriage if governments, communities and girls work together, writes Senait Gebregziabher, Regional Director for Plan International in Asia.

  • Senait Gebregziabher
    Regional Director, Plan International Asia