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The BIAAG campaign set the improvement of Girls’ situation among Government priorities in Burkina

Plan International Burkina Faso associated ministries in charge of Education in 2009, 2010 1011 in the launches of the BIAAG annual reports as well as the celebration of the first International Girls’ Day in 2012. This has helped to focus the government’s attention on the difficult situation of girls in the country. They created a national coalition against child marriage considered to be central to the other forms of violence against girls, took the lead of the 2014 International Girls’ Day celebration, and made a step forward launching a campaign against child marriage.

On October 11th 2014, the government sent nine ministers to the celebrations in Kaya, one of Plan Program Units. The Prime Minister’s wife Christiane TIAO and a female governor also joined, to denounce socio cultural practices hampering the education of girls. They called upon traditional chiefs to urge families to let girls complete school and to stop engaging them in early marriage.

Among the authorities present, 6 were women; the master of ceremony drew the attention of the huge population present at them and said: “Don’t you want your daughters to be like these women one day?”. The YES shouts were accompanied by heavy applauds, marking at the same time a step forward in the community’s consideration for girls’ education.

In March 2015, Plan Burkina joined a coalition of organizations led by the new Prime Minister Isaac Zida, to launch a campaign against child marriage. It happened in the Sahel region where girls are removed from school and sent to husbands. The Prime Minister commended Plan International’s efforts to improve the situation of girls and urged all parties concerned to contribute to the girls’ welfare in the country. Since, a coalition has been working on a national strategy covering the period of 2015 – 2024 towards that aim.