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Youth leadership in Benin

Enabling children and young people to participate in making decisions about their lives, at the community and national level

We are committed to finding innovative solutions to support children and young people to participate more effectively in making long-term decisions that affect their lives, both locally and nationally. We support young people to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to take part in youth groups and to be empowered to voice their opinions on issues that are relevant to their lives. We work with young people in piloting children’s ‘governments’ in villages, which enable them to address their own school issues and have supported the establishment of a Children’s National Consultative Board, which has influenced the drafting and adoption of the national children’s code. This in turn has influenced municipal budgets for child rights in Benin. Through the clubs, girls and boys learn about their rights and how to call for deep-rooted social change. In 2014, a group succeeded in collaborated to campaign against girls’ forced marriage, lobbying prominent community figures to adopt more progressive, non-violent cultural practices. Activities such as these are actively contributing to building positive futures for children’s lives in Benin.