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Child protection in Benin

Children realise their rights to be protected from child labour, exploitation and violence and to care in emergencies

We actively work to connect children, communities and partners to end child trafficking and labour and other forms of violence against children in Benin. We work closely with the government and partners to end corporal punishment in schools and raise awareness of the importance of child protection within local communities. In addition, we prioritise psychosocial care for children who are affected by disasters and address trauma that children experience both during and after emergencies. In the past four years, 12,403 children and young people have been able to claim their rights to better health, education, access to safe drinking water and psychosocial care in emergency situations. Our skilled staff, trained in gender and child rights, are dedicated to supporting women and children to participate in associations and other community-based groups that advocate for their rights and drive positive lasting changes in their lives.