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'Because I Am A Girl' campaign in Mozambique

Plan International Mozambique is implementing two projects to empower and support girls to overcome the disadvantages and discrimination they face in everyday life; ‘Better Opportunities for Girls’ project (AMOR) and the regional 18+ Ending Child Marriage project.

The projects aim to end the occurrence of child marriage, change gender norms and to promote girls education through advocacy campaigns, establishment of children’s clubs, trainings for government representatives, community leaders, teachers and students, secondary school scholarship, distance learning opportunities, construction of classrooms and latrines.

Through the 18+ Ending Child Marriage project, Plan International Mozambique supported and contributed to the newly adopted national strategy to reduce child marriage and is a part of the national anti-child marriage coalition, which has supported the production of a national statistics report on the occurrence of child marriage. Plan arranged a media forum to raise awareness about child marriage, to reflect on how the media portrays girls and women and to discuss the role of media in empowering this often marginalized group. A ’Pinkification’ campaign was carried out in the cities of Maputo, Maxixe and Inhambane and it gained great acknowledgement. Pink billboards, buses and mural paintings are visible in the cities with the message to say no to child marriage. Plan has also conducted trainings for staff, partners, government representatives and children’s club facilitators on sexual and reproductive health rights.

Through the AMOR project Plan international Mozambique has supported 144 girls with a scholarship for secondary school. The scholarship includes uniform, material and the fee for all three years. Children’s clubs have been established in 15 primary schools, where the students get more knowledge about sexual and reproductive health, gender and child rights on a weekly basis. 8 new classrooms with latrines have been constructed and one distance learning centre.