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Every child has the right to a safe, formal, quality education and access to lifelong learning. However, due to a combination of factors, many girls are forced to leave school while others never have the opportunity to go in the first place.


Our award-winning, stop-motion film 'Because I am a Girl - I'll take it from here' shows how education has the power to transform girls’ lives.


We directly support millions of girls to get the education they need to transform their lives and the future of their communities. This means working to ensure free and equal access to quality, safe education, including in emergencies.

Join the global movment for girls' rights Our work on gender equality in education involves an innovative approach that focuses on inclusion and diversity. Our programmes don’t just work in classrooms with teachers, but also include communities, governments, religious leaders, family members and children. We also provide non-formal education, ensuring that even outside of the classroom, girls have access to the life skills and training they need to succeed.


Through our Building Skills For Life programme, we are increasing girls’ enrolment in school, helping them stay there and working at multiple levels to address the root causes of gender inequality. So far this project has helped over 230,000 girls from 27 countries get an education and skills which will have long-term benefits for their lives.

We also work with partners to advocate at a global level for children’s access to learning. We influence governments and global leadership to break down barriers that discriminate against girls so they can attend schools that are safe and provide them with the quality of education they need to follow their ambitions.

Girls' education transforms lives. Please join the Because I am a Girl movement for girls' rights