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When learning is fun

Marina, 20, had assumed she would never go to school. Her single mother worked as a housemaid and was barely able to support her and her three sisters. But Marina’s mother was a strong woman who kept alive her determination to ensure Marina would receive an education.

She discovered a school which we supported in Dhaka and enrolled Marina. The school is one of many Surovi Schools run by our partner national NGO, Surovi, under the Quality Primary Education programme.

Reaching out to disadvantaged children, the Surovi Schools differ from mainstream schools in their innovative teaching and learning methods. Particular focus is placed on ensuring an enjoyable learning experience for children. In this child-friendly environment, Marina thoroughly enjoyed school life and after ten years of study, completed her Secondary School Certificate examination in 2012.

Plan International's support has given me the opportunity to study and change the course of my life.

While growing up, Marina had seen some of her neighbours running Children Development Centres (CDC), where children aged two to five years engage in fun learning and playing activities in a child-friendly environment. She longed to be a teacher in one of them.

We supported Marina with the necessary training to run a CDC, which she completed and after which she started teaching.

“I understand the importance of education and feel it is my responsibility to encourage parents to send their children to school,” says a proud Marina.

Marina has now enrolled in a Physiotherapy diploma course and has a promising career ahead of her.  She believes she would not have come this far had it not been for Plan International's support.

“My mother no longer needs to work as a housemaid. Plan International's support has given me the opportunity to study and change the course of my life," Marina says.

Marina is facilitating session with pre-school children.