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About Us

Plan International Haiti is committed to contributing - in partnership with others - to the promotion of the rights of Haitian children, adolescents and youth, particularly vulnerable groups and to improving their lives and wellbeing both in non-emergency and emergency situations.

The strategic response supporting theses commitment is based on:

  1. The analysis of the most important right gaps and violations affecting children, adolescents and youth, and which children are most impacted by these;
  2. The response of other actors to address the rights gaps and violations identified;
  3. Where Plan could potentially make the biggest contribution – through high quality, effective Child-centred community development (CCCD) programming – to the efforts of others to improve the lives of children and their realization of rights.

Key goals

Based on these criteria and analysis, the following goals have been determined;

  • Girls and boys aged 0 – 5 years grow up well-nourished, enjoying the highest attainable standard of health and develop intellectually, socially and emotionally to their full potential.
  • Girls, boys, adolescents and youth complete quality basic education, achieving significant learning and life skills essential for a fulfilling and dignified life.
  • All children, adolescents and youth, without discrimination, are recognized as rights-holders and citizens  and are able to freely and effectively participate in decisions affecting their lives and in the development of their communities.
  • A society in which all girls, boys and adolescents are protected from domestic and school violence,   including gender-based violence, and from trafficking.

Plan will work to contribute to these four goals through a programme framework consisting of four Country Programmes(CP) that focus on the essential problems and rights violations faced by Haitian children, adolescents and youth.

  • A good and healthy start to life
  • Quality primary education for all girls and boys
  • Life skills and opportunities for adolescents and youth
  •  Strengthened Systems and governance for Children

Plan Haiti has defined specific areas and interventions for each stage, and will seek to coordinate its focused programming with the actions of other actors in order to contribute to relevant, integrated, holistic programming and services for children at each age and stage of their lives.  The CP 4 is a cross-cutting program, directed towards the promotion of the rights of children and adolescents of all ages to citizenship participation, protection against violence and abuse, as well as to the strengthening of policy and of participatory governance of programs and services. The rights to protection against violence and disaster management are also mainstreamed across all CPs.