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Tboung Khmum Programme Unit

Tboung Khmum is Cambodia’s newest province – it was part of Kampong Cham province when Plan International Cambodia opened its Programme Unit there in 2004.

With more than 876,000 population, the province is located in the southeastern part of the country. More than 80% of its habitants are farmers who depend entirely on crops, such as cassava, soya bean, cashew, tobacco, pineapple and rubber.

Plan International Cambodia has around 8,000 sponsored children in Tboung Khmum and is working in 12 – where child rights are most deprived – out of its 64 communes.

A Girl Holding the Book in the Classroom
A Girl Studying in the Classroom

Main achievements so far:

  • Over 130 preschools established and 120 teachers trained
  • Over 900 formed parenting groups (some 3,600 parents) and 160 local authorities trained on 12 family practices including child stimulation, nutrition, hygiene and sanitation
  • Nine maternity wards and health centres constructed and over 500 heath centre staff and health support groups trained
  • 18 primary and lower secondary schools, 41 playgrounds, 14 libraries and computer class built and well equipped
  • Over 1,200 scholarship packages provided to students in difficult situation
  • More than 300 school management staff and teachers trained on child friendly teaching methodologies and school management
  • Completion rate at target primary and secondary schools increased 90% and 75% respectively
  • Over 600 community and school wells and school sanitation facilities constructed
  • Over 75,000 youths educated on sexual reproductive health
  • 187 family protection networks of over 1,000 members established
  • More than 14,000 children and teachers trained on child rights
  • Over 1,400 families trained on climate resilient agricultural skills to improve their livelihood and more than 1,150 very poor families counselled and financed to start up family business
  • Over 350 youths received technical vocational training