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Who's who


Asia Regional Director - Mark T. Pierce

Mark joined Plan Asia Regional Office in April 2011 as the Regional Director after almost 3 years working with Plan in Vietnam as the Country Director.

Before joining Plan in Vietnam in June 2008, Mark had worked for over 25 years with a non-governmental organisation in the United States. Previously, he spent over 18 years working in Asia, most notably in Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, India as well as serving as the Regional Director for Plan Southeast Asia and the Pacific. 

Mark has vast experience working in development programmes, particularly in the areas of livelihood, maternal and child health, emergency relief and rehabilitation, peace building and sustainable agriculture. 

He has technical expertise in the area of microfinance and has served on the boards or governing bodies of 6 microfinance institutions in the region.

“I am extremely passionate about having a positive impact on the lives of poor families,” says Mark. “In Plan that translates into a particular focus on children who are poor or come from marginalised groups. I think that is why all of us have joined Plan.”

As the Asia Regional Director Mark now leads 14 Plan programme countries in the region.

Asia Deputy Regional Director (Programmes) - Haider Yaqub

Haider Yaqub

Haider Yaqub joined the Asia Regional Office in October 2011 as the Deputy Regional Director (Programmes) after an illustrious 13 years with Plan, most recently with Plan Pakistan where he served as country director since July 2008. Haider has also worked with Plan in Bangladesh as Programme Support Manager and Acting Country Director.

Haider is a seasoned development professional with 27 years’ experience in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating integrated rights-based poverty-alleviation programmes in developing countries focusing on children.

He comes with a veritable arsenal of strengths, including working with children, strategic planning, institutional development, policy and financial analysis, budgeting, working in partnerships and alliance building, scaling up of innovative programs, as well as managing teams of multi-sectoral experts in a variety of areas.

At the operational level Haider has been extensively involved in providing programmatic support, as well as  monitoring, researching and evaluating programmes such as primary health care, water and sanitation, adolescent reproductive health, early childcare and primary education, flexible microfinance, sustainable livelihood interventions, child protection, national park management, human settlement planning, and land use management.

“I am passionate about working with Plan Asia to develop quality programmes with their monitoring and evaluation frameworks, enabling us to record their impact for undertaking policy advocacy. This helps to bring a broader change for making the excluded become part of mainstream development.”

Asia Deputy Regional Director (Operations) - Lorna Burce

Philippines native Lorna Burce joined the Asia Regional Office in May 2012. She arrived with more than 30 years of progressively managerial and professional experience in both the development and private sectors in the areas of finance, accounting, audit, human resources, commodity management, risk management and administration.

Lorna has ample hands-on and field experience in both direct management and advisory roles in the management of support functions of development and emergency programmes. With experience working all over the world – from Thailand and Indonesia to DR Congo and Haiti – Lorna is a self-described mature professional, at ease in mentoring and guiding staff, providing advice to management, as well as running workshops and leading meetings.

Before joining Plan, Lorna spent almost 20 years working in a variety of positions around the world with Catholic Relief Services (CRS), most recently serving in headquarters in the USA on a financial policy development special assignment. Before that she was deputy regional director in the CRS regional offices in Central Africa, Southern Africa and Southeast Asia.

Other members of Plan's Asia Regional Office

  • Max Baldwin, Humanitarian Grants Advisor
  • Gareth Crawford, Regional Disaaster Risk Management Manager
  • Avianto Amri, Adviser for ASEAN Safe School Initiative
  • Vanda Lengkong, Disaster Risk Management Specialist for SE Asia
  • Mudasser Siddiqui, Disaster Risk Management Specialist for SE Asia
  • Muhammad Awais, Regional MicroFinance Advisor
  • Carol Boender, Head of M&E
  • Alice Clements, Regional Communications Manager
  • Mike Bruce, Regional Media & Advocacy Specialist
  • Jessica Lomelin, Regional Online Communications Specialist
  • Hatai Limprayoonyong, Regional Internal Communications Specialist
  • Sandy Fortuna, Regional CCCD Program Specialist
  • Ludemer Guevara, Regional ICT Manager
  • Patrick Kirwan, Regional Risk Management Advisor
  • Terry Sherwood, Regional Security Specialist
  • Rino Sudibyo, Regional Logistics Specialist
  • Dusnee Tantijindaporn, Administrative Assistant