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Ranong Programme Unit

Area: 1,273.4 sq. km 
Population: 161,210
Targeted areas: 1 district

Located in the south of Thailand, Plan’s Ranong programme unit is connected to the mainland with the Malay Peninsula, on the west side of the Phuket mountain range. It has a long coast on the Andaman Sea. The province is known for having the most rainfall of all Thailand, the rainy season lasting for about 8 months. 

Plan works in 1 area: Muang district, The climate is generally hot and humid and the flat landscape is surrounded by mountains.

Programme highlights

Promoting child rights

Plan Thailand raises people’s awareness of issues that affect children’s lives. We provide youths with opportunities to participate in activities that teach them how to access and protect their rights from exploitation. The establishment of youth forums is encouraging them to raise their voices on social issues.

“The programme opened up an opportunity for us to discuss issues that continuously shape our behaviour and this will affect our lives in a good way,” said Patacharee, age 14.

Birth registration

Nearly 1/4 of children in the northern part of Thailand aged under 18 haven’t had their births registered.

The lack of birth registration creates a barrier to important social services, such as healthcare and education. Children without legal status are at greater risk of being exploited through trafficking, kidnapping, forced labour or sexual servitude. 

Workshops and training sessions show stateless children how to prepare documents for identification and how to pursue their rights under the Nationality Law. 

“Before this I dared not dream that I could be Thai like other children. After attending the legal clinic project’s training, I have hope and information to share with my friends,” said a participant.

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