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Support our work

You can help support Plan's work in Asia and make a real difference in the lives of over 400,000 families we work with in a way that suits you.

Sponsor a child

Sponsoring a child typically costs between £12 and £17 per month Please sponsor a child and help support Plan's long-term work in Asia to make lasting improvements to children's lives.

You can sponsor a child in Asia by signing up via one of Plan's fundraising countries.

As a sponsor, you'll get regular updates about our work in the community where the child you sponsor lives. You can also enjoy a unique cultural exchange, by writing and receiving letters.

Visit Plan's global sponsorship area to find out more.

Make a donation

Make a one-off donation to make a long-term difference in children's livesYou can support Plan's work in Asia by making a one-off donation online, via one of Plan's fundraising countries. Visit Plan's global donations area to find out more.

Volunteer with Plan Asia

Plan's work in Asia is supported by thousands of volunteers throughout the region. In the field, their vital contribution ranges from delivering letters in the communities to developing, running and monitoring our projects.

At the Asia Regional Office, volunteers can help us with their expertise in many different areas, from editing proposals to providing technical assistance to our programme advisors, and more.

If you are interested in using your professional skills at the regional level to help change lives on the ground, please send your resume to us at planasia.jobvacancies@plan-international.org. Please also tell us about your areas of interest and how you would like to be involved in what we do.

If you prefer to volunteer with one of our 14 offices in the field throughout the region please visit the volunteer page of the respecting country website. You can find the list of the countries we work with here.

To learn about volunteering in Plan's other offices, please visit the global volunteers page.