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Asia Priorities - CCCD

The world's largest continent, Asia is home to 1.27 billion children of which approximately 600,000,000 suffer from severe deprivation.

Such a magnitude of child poverty is a serious challenge to the economic development of the region, as 600,000,000 severely deprived children quickly grow up to become 600,000,000 very poor adults.

From 2005-2015, Plan will spend about US$1 billion on programmes to fight child poverty in Asia. Currently, more than 400,000 poor children and their families are being sponsored by families in developed countries through Plan initiatives. This support allows communities to work towards a brighter future.

Plan's strategic framework, Growing Up In Asia, sets 6 important directions for alleviating child poverty in the region:

  • Using a child centred community development approach that enables children, families and communities to address children's needs and rights and realise their potential
  • Fulfilling long-term commitments, particularly to children living in the poorer areas of countries that we support
  • Assisting children by mobilising international, national and local resources consistent with our programme quality standards
  • Building relationships by enabling children and adults worldwide to develop a mutual understanding and to work together
  • Working in partnerships with other non-governmental organisations and public and private-sector organisations
  • Providing a platform that ensures the voices of children are heard and their interests are represented at local, national and international levels.

Plan Asia’s Regional Strategic Plan includes 6 programme priorities that serve to focus our activities. These programmes are guided by six “cross cutting” priorities that are supported by financial resources, information, communication, and technology (ICT), media & communications, and people and culture. The 6 priorities are:

  • Early stimulation and learning
  • Maternal, newborn, child health and nutrition
  • Sanitation and hygiene
  • Child protection
  • Youth employment
  • Disaster risk management

As natural disasters continue to swell in frequency and impact, and the effects of economic globalisation increase, impoverished children in Asia face many new challenges. In response, Plan is building strong partnerships and creating the supportive environments crucial for those in need to help themselves.

We expect to increase the number of children we assist in Asia, the number of countries we operate in and the size of the programmes we provide as part of our ongoing commitment to help hundreds of millions of impoverished children in Asia realise their rights to survive, to be protected, to develop and to participate in the opportunities around them.

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