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25/07/2015: New report: Children express fears and insecurity following devastating Nepal earthquakes

23/07/2015: Pakistan floods: Plan International responds to humanitarian emergency

07/07/2015: Plan International welcomes global education commission

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Plan works at grassroots level with villages and their communities in 51 of the world's poorest countries.

Our work is the result of partnerships with local people, based on mutual understanding and a shared commitment to projects which will benefit children for years to come.

Every year we start more than 20,000 new projects and work on thousands of ongoing ones to help children realise their potential across the world. We help poor communities with issues affecting children.

Our community projects tackle the areas children are at risk like the lack of clean water and sanitation, a poor environment, lack of family income, HIV and AIDS awareness, access to education, and income generation to provide a better future for children.

  • Our projects help train farmers in animal husbandry or new ways to increase crop yields to improve their income
  • Our projects help give local people, and particularly mothers, the chance to plan for the future by taking part in group savings and credit schemes

We have worked with local communities for 78 years. Our staff of over 10,000 have expert knowledge of the issues facing communities in the developing world, and the ways in which local people feel they should be tackled.

Our sponsorship programme links people in 21 fundraising countries with children and families across the 51 countries where Plan is working. This makes us accountable, and ensures that behind every project there is the interest and the commitment of a large number of people across the world.

Plan actively collaborates with local, regional, national and international newspapers, radio stations and magazines.

General interest stories

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Every year, many individual sponsors from around the world visit their sponsored children, meet their family and community and learn more about the projects their contributions have helped to carry out to improve the life of children.

After their visit, they return home having forged an unique bond with a family in a developing country. They may have a greater understanding of the issues poor people face every day, and how we, in this country, can help make a difference. The visit makes the whole relationship real, bringing home development issues.

If you are interested in finding out the story of someone around your area, who has recently visited their sponsored child and learn more about issues affecting poor communities, please contact our media team.

about plan_resources_media centre_photo libraryPhoto library

We have an extensive library of professionally-taken, quality slides of our work, issues, children and communities throughout the developing world.

Examples of these photos can be viewed throughout this site. If you would like to know more about the use of our photos please contact our media team

about plan_resources_media centre_interviewsInterviews and commentaries

Thanks to our long experience in development issues and community projects, we can provide you with interviews and commentaries on many of the current issues affecting children in poor communities.

We can further provide access to experts in the field on a range of issues, including health, education, child rights, birth registration and HIV and AIDS.

about plan_resources_media centre_field visitsField visits

Our extensive network of people working to give children the chance to realise their full potential is present in 50 developing countries.

If you are researching issues affecting developing countries, we could help you with stories, case stories, interviews from the field and much more.

Contact us:

For further information contact Plan's international media office. Telephone: +44 (0) 1483 733211, E-mail: Press.Office@plan-international.org