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aprenderIn the Americas, approximately 2 out of every 5 people who live in extreme poverty are children under the age of 12. Around 82,000,000 children aged under 12 and 36,000,000 adolescents aged 13 to 19 live in poverty. 

Another 6,000,000 boys and girls are victims of serious abuse every year.  At the same time, 80,000 children and adolescents die as a result of domestic violence.

As a human rights-based organisation, Plan’s approach is dedicated to facilitate the capacity-building of states and their institutions, families and civil society, and the children and youth themselves to promote and uphold child rights.

Action plan

To this end, Plan’s strategic framework for the Americas defines 5 action lines for  response in the region:

  • social participation and the mobilisation of civil society
  • inclusion of excluded populations
  • promotion of gender equality
  • advocacy
  • strengthening state institutional capacity

Plan is committed to respect, defend and promote the rights of children and youth. All of Plan’s programmes in Latin America and the Caribbean have been defined in response and adapted to the political, economic and socio-cultural context of each country.  The programmatic areas are the right to:

  • integral development during early childhood
  • an education
  • the right of youth
  • protection against violence
  • sexual and reproductive health and to the prevention of HIV and AIDS
  • a dignified life
  • Protection during emergency situation and to participate in disaster risk reduction

Read Plan’s regional strategic framework for the Americas