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Pupils at the César Vallejo school in Puente Piedra, Lima

In the last 10 years, Lima y Collao (an area to the north of Lima) has experienced rapid and disorganised population growth, with a growth rate of 2% as a result of migration from rural areas. There is a high proportion of women, adolescents and children living in poverty and extreme poverty in Lima y Callao.
The average temperature is 22 degrees, ranging from 14 in winter to 30 in summer.

The Lima programme unit set up work in 1996. Currently it works in 58 areas and comunities in the districts of Ventanilla -Callao (19), Puente Piedra (28), Carabayllo (10) and Ancón (01), comprising a total of 8,450 sponsor children.

These districts were chosen because of the disproportionately high number of families having difficulties accessing their rights. For political and cultural reasons poverty in these areas is quite different from that experienced in the countryside.

Objectives and activities

The programme unit is implementing 6 national programmes, structured by age and issues of institutional focus such as the promotion and realisation of child rights.

  • A healthy start - devised for children under 5 years old
  • Learning for life - children aged 6 - 12
  • Male adolescents and women building citizenship - for those aged 13 - 17
  • Promoting livelihoods for the protection of child rights
  • Creating conditions for the realisation of child rights
  • Organisational strengthening focussed on child-centred community development