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Plan Germany and Nivea visit schools in Guatemala

They visited 4 of the 40 schools supported by the two organisations.

Monday 7th and Thursday 11th, Guatemala, 2012:  Children from schools supported by the program Plan / Nivea project received the visit of the General Manager for Latin America Mr. Mitja Zupancic; Beiersdorf Social Responsibility Global Director; Ms. Christiane Hölscher and Ms. Maike Röttger, National Director of Plan Germany.

They visited 4 of the 40 schools supported by the two organisations during the week of May 7 th to May 10th.  Deborah Cóbar, Director Plan Guatemala, joined the visite to the schools.

Project participants

4,800 children between seven and 14 years of age, particularly from indigenous families (almost equal numbers of girls and boys), 160 teachers and 40 headmasters will take part in the project. Moreover, parents, communities and staff members of the local authorities will benefit from the training and information activities.

"It's nice that Plan and Nivea  has similar perspective, a genuine desire to work for children," said Maike Röttger, Plan Germany, National Director.

Visitors saw the activities carried out daily in schools and the innovative aspects of a methodology wich promotes and encourages the active participation of boys and girls.

"We are so happy to have been chosen as members  of the Children School Goverment and to be able to carry out projects we have promised, such as teh school kitchen, said Cesar, president of the School Goverment, in the community of San Jorge.

Project progress

  • Cooperation meetings with teachers, headmasters, municipal authorities and representatives of the Health and Education Ministries
  • Technical assistance to 249 teachers of 40 schools
  • School supplies for the children of 40 schools
  • Teaching and learning materials have been delivered for 25 schools, and are being delivered now to 15 more
  • Adequate school furniture was delivered to 10 schools for 540 children
  • 4 classrooms have been built in 3 schools,  and 1 classroom is being built now
  • 6 latrine modules of  3 latrines each one, and 4 modules in construction
  • 2 school kitchens are being built
  • 6 rain collectors are being constructed

The new classrooms  now offer cheerful, clean, safe environment, a big change compare to the the previous old rooms with dirty floors and holes in the ceilings. So also the school kitchens and latrines modules, as they have changed the lives of children and teachers.

Municipal authorities gave a recognition to visitors and declared Plan Guatemala and Plan Germany and distinguished guests, in a cultural event in the municipality.

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